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Remarkable Herbs is all about the Herbs.
We specialize in Ethnobotany to gain a better understanding of not only the quality herbs we offer, but also to respect how these products have been used through time. We strive to provide you with the rarest and freshest herbs, seeds, bark, roots, extracts, and smoking blends available on the planet.


To ensure that we provide the purest Kava, all our noble Kava is verified and thoroughly tested. This means that we only use lateral roots that are more than 7 years old. Under FDA guidelines, all our Kava undergoes several rounds of analytical quality control tests to ensure there’s no traceable amount of flavokavain-B, a potentially toxic substance found naturally in Kava. We further ensure safety and the highest quality kava by continually verifying that our long-standing and well-respected supply chain adheres to the strictest standards. At our verified farms, we conduct on-site checks to analytically confirm that the harvested products match the ones we receive.
This check also allows us to verify that the kavalactone profiles of the harvested products are the same as the noble variety we have on hand. Typically, we conduct 4 tests to confirm the validity of each product, including HPLC, biological/Heavy metals testing, acetone testing, microscopic analysis, and HPTLC. These tests allow us to confirm the age and structure of the roots’ nobility, the Kava chemotype, and the absence of hepatotoxic substances/biologics/heavy metals. Finally, our supply chain consists of the most trusted sources that are further verified on a batch-by-batch basis.