Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Why buy Remarkable Herbs Kratom??

Remarkable Herbs is the longest running commercial Kratom company in the US, Offering Kratom since 2001 to stores.

Remarkable Herbs is a trusted brand with reach to over 15,000 stores in the US.

Remarkable Herbs offers high quality product at affordable pricing.

Remarkable Herbs kratom products are sterilized for the consumer’s safety.

Remarkable Herbs are labeled correctly and comply with existing and upcoming state regulations.

Remarkable Herbs supports the American Kratom Association as a percentage of its revenue.

Remarkable Herbs never adulterates it’s products.

Remarkable Herbs does not sell to individuals, only to stores and distributors.

Remarkable Herbs has high output capacity and can meet any demand.

Remarkable Herbs is packaged in the US under GMP compliance.

Does Remarkable Herbs Kratom offer Kratom capsules?

Remarkable Herbs only offers Kratom in powder form.  Remarkable Herbs believes that kratom in powder form is in it’s best form, and most cost effective form.

Can I buy direct from the Remarkable Herbs website?

Remarkable Herbs is structured to as business to business only. Remarkable Herbs does not sell to individuals.

Why does remarkable herbs not offer more strains or white vein for example ?

Remarkable Herbs company offers it’s strains based on quality and consistency.  When running Kratom alkaloid profiles, one quickly sees that the alkaloid profiles from one strain to another is not too different.  About 80% of the alkaloid profile is repetitive between all strains and veins.  What one finds to be the most significant difference when testing kratom is not the alkaloid profile, but instead the alkaloid content.

What is batch blending?

 Batch blending is the method Remarkable Herbs uses to maintain a specific alkaloid content from batch to batch.   By testing each batch for alkaloid profile and content, Remarkable Herbs can use these results to mix and average out alkaloid profiles and more importantly alkaloid content to a predetermined desired alkaloid content.   This keeps the products consistent over time.

Are any of the Remarkable Herbs products enhanced or have any additives?

 Remarkable Herbs does not “enhance” or add anything to it’s kratom products, or any of it’s products.   Unfortunately, this is not true for many in the Kratom industry.  Remarkable Herbs has been offering Kratom since before, really, anyone in the US knew what Kratom is, and Remarkable Herbs takes great offense to the fact that so many companies today adulterate kratom.

Why is Remarkable Herbs Kratom Sterilized?

 Remarkable Herbs tests every batch for Salmonella.  There are times of the year that Salmonella is more prevalent.  Remarkable Herbs did not have a problem with salmonella poisoning due to its batch blending process alone.   Batch blending diluted any salmonella content to a safer level.  More recently the FDA has found that some of the Kratom tested; was testing positive for salmonella and was even requiring companies to recall product with any trace levels of salmonella.  Due to the FDA’s stance on salmonella. All Remarkable Herbs Kratom products are sterilized.

I have a health food store and would like to offer Remarkable Herbs Kratom product line. What do I do?

 Please fill out the form in the contact us page.  Someone from Remarkable Herbs staff will get you set up.